Chaos in Ukraine: ex-prisoner, ultra-nationalist or Darth Vader might become a President at the 2014 elections

Ukraine seems to be headed to some chaotic time periods as it is headed to its 2014 presidential elections in May 25th. The elections that were supposed to be held in February 26th 2015 had to be moved to an earlier date as a result of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. The top seat of the country has attracted numerous presidential candidates in Ukraine some who have questionable character when it comes to leading the country. Some of the names that you can expect to find at the ballot box include next 3 candidates.

Presidential election 2014 in Ukraine

Yulia Tymoshenko – ex-prisoner

This is a Ukrainian business woman and politician born in 27th November 1960. She was the first female prime minister serving in 2004 from January 24th to September 8th and later from December 18th 2007 to March 4th 2010. Currently she is the leader of All- Ukrainian union “Fatherland” political ways. She contested to be president in 2010 where she finished second in the run off with about 3.5% loss to the winner. However after the election, there were a number of criminal cases that were brought against her. On October 11th 2011, she was convicted of abuse of power and embezzlement and was given a 7 year sentence in prison. She was also ordered to pay $188 million to the state. This is definitely not a great background for anyone who would want to see themselves on presidential candidates in Ukraine.

Yulia Tymoshenko elections 2014

The conviction and prosecution was however viewed as politically biased by many countries especially the European Union. She was released on 22nd February 2014 just as the Maidan revolution was coming to an end after the Ukraine criminal code was revised that decriminalized effectively the actions that made her go to prison and rehabilitated on 28th February 2014. Before her political career she as a controversial and successful businesswoman who dealt with the gas industry making it to the list of the most powerful women in the world on Forbes list in 2005.

Dmitry Yarosh – extremist and ultra-nationalist

Dmitry Yarosh presidential candidate

This is a man who is on the list of presidential candidates in Ukraine. He is the leader of right- wing Right sector organization that played a huge role in the Ukrainian revolution 2014. He started as a member of the People’s Movement of Ukraine organization for at least 3 years from 1989 October to 1991 November. He was drafted and served as a private for 2 years in Soviet army where he served as a private. He was interested in politics for a long time even when he was a preteen as he was the member of young Pioneers then later joined the Countrywide Leninist Communist Youth League organization sub organization for the youth based Communist Party of the USSR.

One of the things that makes him not a great candidate for the job is the fact that Russia has launched a criminal case against him in March 2014 accusing him of organizing an armed gang that allegedly fought against the country’s air assault division, public calls for terrorism and extremism putting him on the list of international wanted by the Russian Federation.

Darth Vader – leader of the Ukrainian Internet Party

Ukranian Darth Vader

Another surprising name that crops up on the list of ukrainian presidential candidates is Darth Vader. He is a mysterious character from Star Wars (Sith Lord) who would like to be voted in as president in May 2014. Despite the fact that he wants to run the country, he has not yet been publicly identified besides his infamous trademark cape and his mask. He is running for the candidacy as the leader of the Ukrainian Internet Party. If his heavy breathing does not cause the voters to look elsewhere, he has pledged to boldly and single handedly take responsibility for what is happening in the country.

He stated that he was able to transform the country into an empire in a bid to return it to its former glory and regain the pride of his country as he puts an effort to return all the lost territories. He has shown that he is very serious with this bid by paying the fee for candidacy which translates to $225k showing that the country may be led by a faceless man or maybe he will reveal his identity once he manages to win the heart of the voters and becomes president or perhaps people in Ukraine will be forced to wear maps to look like their “leader”.

Welcome to Ukraine, to the homeland of Darth Vader!

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